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Kazawadi Papias Dedeki

Welcome to Star Construction and Consultancy the home of diligence, innovations and creativities. We are over seventeen years working in the construction industry as contractors. Our experiences range from building works, irrigation works and manufacture of concrete products amongst which we provide unique curved and interlocking blocks for water tanks.

Our early entry into the industry as we were, taught us lessons that presently are a source of our motivation and inspiration to become consultants and committed to share our hard learned experiences to create a more profitable and sustainable business environment for every actor.

In this Endeavour, We realized that getting a company organized and focused with motivated and committed staff that has appropriate expertise to withstand the challenges is nowadays difficult.  As a result, You often get frustrated by recurring events of your project works not meeting the required quality within specified budget and time hence unnecessary disputes that incur additional costs on top of the penalties.

That is why we have developed customized training modules that are appropriate for bridging the construction industry skills gap identified by the present market in order to help you achieve your goals. We know that just as each company or individual has unique needs, there are unique solutions to meet those needs. We have therefore taken steps to prepare a must learn package especially meant for inexperienced graduates intending to work in the construction industry. These packages are in the form of modules that take about 30 hours each and a trainee is free to take anyone of them or even all depending of his/her budget and time. The trainings are facilitated by experts experienced and trained in a variety of fields related to the construction industry including, but not limited to, engineering, project plan and appraisal, construction and real estate management best practices with entrepreneurship.

The courses will enhance appropriate skills that shall enable delegates to master construction industry processes through proper understanding of Machines, Materials, Manpower, Methods, Measurements and Mother Nature for the market desired efficiency and effectiveness. customized must learn modules are among others but not limited to: Management seminars and workshops for Owners and company managers,

Effective Communication and Writing Skills for Technical Professionals, Construction Project Management for Technical staff/ Graduates, Foreman and construction Project Leadership, Construction Project Estimating and Costing, Equipment and Fleet Management for Maximum Productivity and Workforce Management for Maximum Productivity
The information provided in this web site will give you green light of what we can do for you. You can as well get information and learn about our company Profile, past performances, available construction services and customized professional training courses in the form of seminars and workshops.

Give us a call or e-mail and let us show you how we can help you reach your construction business goals.


Kazawadi Papias Dedeki

The Managing Director